Quiznos Sandwich Shops to Soon Offer Bitcoin Payment Option

Quiznos, an international chain restaurant specializing in sandwiches, is on the cusp of accepting bitcoin payments at select locations in Denver. 

Quiznos customers in the Denver area will soon be able to pay with cryptocurrency. The food chain announced that, in collaboration with payments provider Bakkt, Quiznos will begin accepting digital asset payments in the month of August. 

Bitcoin for sandwiches

The pay-with-bitcoin pilot program will be rolled out in Denver, Colorado, and comes with incentives for trying out the payment system. Any customer who uses the Bakkt app to make a purchase at Quiznos will receive a $15 thank you in the form of bitcoin. The platform also allows for the purchase of gift cards and the Bakkt app has a built-in loyalty rewards program. 

According to Mark Lohmann, President of REGO Restaurant Group, owners of Quiznos, stated that “Partnering with an innovative platform such as Bakkt is appealing to us for a number of reasons, primarily because it allows us to accept bitcoin directly at the point of sale as part of a quick and seamless transaction.” Lohmann went on to say that as demand for alternative and digital currency grows, the brand will continue to find accessible ways for customers to utilize it and buy a meal. 

Chief Revenue Officer at Bakkt, Sheela Zemlin added that the pilot program will be closely monitored and, if successful, will be expanded outside of Denver to other locations in the United States. Zemlin believes that the partnership will introduce unique experiences to customers of Quiznos by allowing them to interact with the product and digital assets at the same time. 

More businesses accepting crypto payments

Quiznos might be the first international sandwich chain to incorporate crypto-payments, but many other in the retail, entertainment, and food spaces have made the jump already. 

Sports in particular has thus far been a popular landing spot for crypto companies who handle payments to land. A number of NBA and MLB teams currently allow for purchases of both tickets and merchandise using bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin among others. The Oakland Athletics and Dallas Mavericks are good examples of this. 

Additionally, a slew of major companies accepts payments in bitcoin including PayPal, Etsy, Whole Foods, Newegg, and Twitch to name a few. Perhaps the best know example of this is Tesla Motors, which accepted crypto payments for a brief period until Elon Musk shut the initiative down due to concerns over environmental issues.


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