Alec Hogg’s Inbox: The problem between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated
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Alec Hogg’s Inbox: The problem between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

Well, I tried. But it looks like it’s impossible to indefinitely postpone the debate on COVID among the BizNews community. My inbox gets flooded with suggestions, ideas and comments. And on the basis that everyone has the right to be heard, here’s a few of the recent contributions. Starting with Gavin Munro who wrote:

Even if you have been vaccinated you are able to contract Covid. 

It seems nonsensical that you would not be infected if you came into contact with a person who was in the transmission stage.

If you have been infected but not vaccinated your viral load would escalate rapidly and you will pass it on easily. You could get very sick. 

If you have been vaccinated and then infected by someone else, then your body fights the infection and your viral load does not escalate rapidly and the chance of passing it on decreases. 

The whole idea of a vaccine is that if you get infected your body has the tools to defend itself from a nasty side-effect called death. That’s it folks. Simple to understand. 

If everyone gets vaccinated then the chance of being infected is drastically reduced to nearly zero percent and consequently the Covid death rate will be reduced to practically zero. 

This also means we can invite tourists and business people to our country so that we can grow our economy. 

Get everyone vaccinated to get rich. 

PS: I would like to go overseas to see family without quarantine restrictions.  

Lorraine Loxton makes a point that aligns with that of many others. She wrote:

I think that the problem between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is that the vaccinated believe that we are totally anti-vaccine. Which is NOT true. It is this Covid-19 so called vaccine that we are against. It is being proved over and over every day from all over the world that people are suffering injuries and worse, still dying from this jab. 

More and more the stories are coming out (and being suppressed by the authorities) that it is giving blood clots and debilitating conditions to many of the vaccinated. 

Strangely, also, the Delta variant has appeared in conjunction with the vaccines, which makes me think that the vaccines are causing this new variant. And many of the vaccinated are being re-infected with this Delta variant? Co-incidence or cause?

I also liked the final part of this email from Sally Brown, owner of the Sunbird Guest House in Harare. She wrote:

The main problem with the vaccines is that are proving to be unreliable and ineffective. Fully vaccinated people are still getting the disease and some have even died. On Sky News it was announced the protection period is around 3 months, and they are now recommending boosters. Will those also be 3 months, and then what? How many boosters can you safely inject into the human body without adverse effects? When are these clever scientists going to concentrate their efforts on improving treatment and prophylactics instead of blundering blindly on with ever increasing boosters?

Finally, we might need to all lighten up on the subject. At least that’s the perspective of Jacqui Moskovitz who emailed this GIF…….

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