Decentral Games Developer Receives Funding From Binance

Decentral Games secured funding and support from the million dollar acceleration program by Binance Smart Chain. 

The play-to-earn platform and metaverse game developer scored a piece of the Binance accelerator fund. Decental did not disclose the exact amount of funds received, however the developer has big plans.

According to a statement from the company, they intend for the funds used in expansion of their non-fungible token (NFT) market. Currently, their NFT market is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It also plans for the creation of new games and additional features for their metaverse locations. Decentral Games has six metaverse venues. 

The BSC Ecosystem Coordinator Samy Karim said Decentral Games is important for mass adoption via gaming. “With Decentral Games paving the way for GameFi projects to connect crypto with entertainment, play-to-earn incentives models have a higher scope for better mass adoption,” he said. “We will support DG and help it flourish in the BSC ecosystem.”

In addition to BSC Decentral Games also has support from Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Decentraland and the Arca Fund. Along with funds, Decentral Games now has access to the millions of users and hundreds of dApps on Binance Smart Chain.

Back in June of this year the developer announced its $5 million capital rise. 

NFTs, Gaming, and BSC

Over the last year the NFT space saw interest and engagement like never before. 

For ecosystems such as Binance Smart Chain,  there also was a huge uptick of NFT activity. Back in May of this year record label CEO and music producer Antz launched his own token on BSC focused on buying and selling concert ticket NFTs. Additionally, this summer a Marvel NFT marketplace launched on the network. 

This past year also saw an increase of crypto and blockchain related games. These types of interactive network features are gateways to crypto adoption. Funding for crypto gaming companies neared the $500 million mark in the first half of 2021 alone. 

Gaming tokens themselves also saw a steady increase in price over the summer. 


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