DappRadar Releases NFT Marketplace Sales Results, With OpenSea Dominating

DappRadar releases top 30 grossing NFT marketplace, by total sales volume and the results surprising.

DappRadar has released its listings of the top 30 grossing NFT marketplaces of all time in terms of total sales, with all thirty NFT projects combined having grossed a total of more than USD 11.53 billion. More than two-thirds, over USD 10 billion ($10.35 billion) out of the total sales from this “top thirty” was grossed by the top three projects alone.

The top three projects alone dominate the share of total NFT marketplace sales with over a billion USD grossed each. They are OpenSea, Axie Infinity, and CryptoPunks

  • OpenSea – Total sales gross: USD $6.85 billion – Traders: 452,319
  • Axie Infinity – Total sales gross: USD $2.17 billion – Traders: 640,376
  • CryptoPunks – Total sales gross: USD $1.33 billion – Traders: 4,948

For the record, the next three most popular marketplaces by total sales gross are NBA Top Shot, Rarible, and SuperRare.co.

  • NBA Top Shot – Total sales gross: USD $684.89 million – Traders: 446,467
  • Rarible – Total sales gross: $212.73 million – Traders: 75,969 
  • SuperRare.co – Total sales gross: USD $121.78 million – Traders: 4,814

The number sixth spot is held by a marketplace called AtomicMarket which grossed a total of USD 87.96 million in sales. Despite its total sales lagging far behind its even its closest surpassing competitor, AtomicMarket boasts the greatest total number of traders across all-time compared to every other NFT marketplace on the list; 699,418 traders, overall.

OpenSea leads total sales

Supporting both ETH and Polygon as payment methods, OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT markets in terms of both total sales volume and the total number of traders of all time. OpenSea is a massively popular NFT marketplace that was founded in 2017.

OpenSea currently going through an ‘insider trading scandal in which it has confirmed the involvement of one of its employees in insider trading (the illegal usage of insider, non-public and confidential information as-of-yet undisclosed news leveraged by internal employees to give an unfair advantage against the general public when informing the investment and subsequent sale of speculative assets such as stocks or cryptocurrency tokens.

The platform is also known for being the chosen platform for the NFT charity auction hosted by BeInCrypto involving nine pieces of digital art created by artists collective ‘Exquisite Workers’ with all proceeds going to the Open Earth Foundation (OEF).

Whilst having a relatively small total value in USD of gross sales, the marketplace with the greatest total number of traders is AtomicMarket. At present, the total number of traders who have used AtomicMarket overall time is 699,418.

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