Coinovy Forms a Strategic Partnership With UABA

Digital finances app Coinovy, whose unlimited wallets allow you to trade, receive, send, earn and borrow cryptocurrency assets. Is proud to announce its strategic partnership with United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA), a non-profit organization promoting blockchain technology throughout Africa. 

The partnership between Coinovy and UABA is aimed at growing Coinovy’s presence in Africa, whilst promoting crypto adoption, by making digital assets more accessible and easy to use. Yaliwe Soko, co-founder, and chairperson of UABA  notes that “We are excited to partner with Coinovy. This partnership will bring real usability to cryptocurrency in Africa.”

The time of Ubuntu, in the Digital world is now. Ubuntu, is an African philosophy that places emphasis on ‘being self through others’ It is often expressed, in the isiZulu language in the phrase “ngumuntu ngabantu” –  ‘I am because of who we all are’. This is the foundation of the partnership between Coinovy and UABA.

UABA has a well-established presence in 20 countries within Africa and offices in over ten of these countries. Coinovy will utilize this substantial presence of UABA, as a springboard to promote various use cases of cryptocurrencies in under-banked nations and offer users, without banking accounts, the ability to use banking features powered by cryptocurrencies. 

SaiTej A, the CEO, and co-founder of Coinovy had the following to say: “We believe Africa is teaching us about true cases of cryptocurrency and the opportunity it provides for the under-banked. With our all-in-one crypto ecosystem, we envision to be a bridge to this gap and give Africa a simplified, speedy, and secure platform.”  This aligns with the Coinovy mission which is to provide users with simple, transparent, and quick transactions within a decentralized ecosystem, offering the users power to move digital value using traditional or cryptocurrencies securely. 

By leveraging this partnership, Coinovy will further its aim and offer bank-like access to African countries by utilizing its simple-to-use platform and quick transactions secured by BitGo. Crypto to Fiat transactions can now be faster and more accessible, and help to create a more inclusive society, the time of Ubuntu, in the digital world, is now.

About Coinovy

Coinovy is a digital finances app that simplifies sending, receiving, exchanging, and earning cryptocurrencies by combining an unlimited number of wallets. Coinovy is powered by technology, exchangeability, wallet solutions, and crypto-to-fiat services. 

Coinovy aims to simplify fintech by making cryptocurrency to fiat transactions faster and more accessible. The platform aims to provide bank-like features to people without bank access. To learn more about Coinovy, visit their Website, Twitter and Telegram

About UABA

United Africa Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the use and adoption of blockchain technology in Africa by creating partnerships that harmonize with its vision. UABA aims to educate and prepare Africa for the fourth industrial revolution by developing local skills, using innovative incubation programs. 

UABA promotes and supports African startups and builds strategic relationships with international partners and government bodies. To learn more about UABA, visit their Website and Twitter


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