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How to invalidate and demotivate – Rob Opie

Persistence, resilience and vasbyt are part of the South African psyche, if such a collective description is possible. Sure, such generalisations can be helpful descriptively, but when they are made without context, they can be hugely counterproductive … even destructive. Motivational speaker, Rob Opie, explains why, giving us some heartsore events in South African sport that most of us can remember and relate to. We expect motivational speakers to encourage us to hang in there, not give up – but never ever give up? Well, therein hangs a hugely instructive lesson and tale that begs the very opposite advice. Without spoiling Rob’s story, it’s enough to just mention a cricket player whom history will remember for a long time, including the circumstances leading to his departure. It’s also a tale of wokeness – where insane political correctness drains the very life blood of sport – where talent and merit are all-important. Let’s call it what it is: invalidating action (for all concerned). – Chris Bateman

Things are looking up for corporate SA – as conferences start bouncing back.

By Rob Opie*

Things are fast returning to some sort of normality.

Sun International’s CEO, Anthony Leeming shares the following insight:

People are getting tired of online interactions and online meetings – over the long term conferencing goes a long way to building corporate culture.

Anthony Leeming’s view is now reflecting in Sun International’s share price – bouncing back to above R30 this month, after falling to a low of R8.50 last year.

Conferences – albeit smaller ones – are bouncing back.

Corporate SA is bouncing back.

Confidence is bouncing back.

Evolution Services SA’s CEO, Dean Finder, who operates in the digital environment, shared the following sentiment:

We have people in CT, JHB and KZN – some of whom have not physically met with one another in over a year, hence a need for a get together/team breakaway.

Human beings are emotional beings.

We all require human interaction.

And there are a multitude of good ‘business investment’ reasons why conferences are bouncing back:

  • Consider boosting creativity through collaboration
  • Consider boosting camaraderie through a closer sense of connection
  • Consider driving better face to face communication
  • Consider how congruency can bolster Growth, Performance and Contribution


  • Consider how fostering the right ‘CORPORATE CULTURE’ can and will help your team to deliver on :


These are the three fundamental and vital S’s which define all GREAT COMPANIES.

SA CORPORATES are now back in the conferencing game – as team building will always go a long way to re-energising teams to perform at that next level of GREATNESS in 2022.

GREATNESS happens when a team’s Purpose, Priorities and Performance Goals become crystal clear, closely aligned and congruent.

Even if it’s an end of year overnight get-away for colleagues in November or early December – the opportunity to RE-BOOT, RE-ENERGISE & RE-FOCUS game plans for 2022 – is NOW.

And it’s also that perfect opportunity to say:


Halala South Africa.

  • Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach to business and sports teams – and life coach to those on a journey to self-actualisation.

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