Commodities counters are a no go – Magnus Heystek
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Commodities counters are a no go – Magnus Heystek

Brenthurst Wealth Management founder Magnus Heystek leads Wednesday’s market insights with the veteran investment strategist covering a number of topical investment themes. Magnus outlines that currency fluctuations shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing an investment destination, with growth prospects being an important element. Magnus has had his radar on the Japanese stock market for…

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Paul Whitburn on the bulk commodities downturn in China and what this means for SA

The Chinese regulators’ crackdown on Big Tech – which has been intensifying since November 2020 – as well as the drastic measures taken by the country to move back towards a communist state has serious implications for the rest of the world, South Africa included. BizNews contributor Charl Botha spoke to Paul Whitburn, a Director…