Jaltech’s crypto basket rockets off the back of the crypto rally
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Jaltech’s crypto basket rockets off the back of the crypto rally

*This content is brought to you by Jaltech The past month was a rocky month in the cryptocurrency market following the shock announcement by the Chinese government banning cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly investor interest in the cryptocurrency market was not moved by the stance taken by the Chinese. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, reached an all-time…

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SA home to 2020’s biggest crypto scandal – US investigators get involved

Our partners at Bloomberg have labelled South African based cryptocurrency firm Mirror Trading International as the biggest crypto-related scam of 2020. More than 23,000 Bitcoin worth over R10bn is reported to be missing. Chief executive of MTI, Johann Steynberg, has been missing for the better part of six months and his whereabouts unknown. The MTI…

The crypto arbitrage strategy explained – CURRENCY HUB
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The crypto arbitrage strategy explained – CURRENCY HUB

*This content is brought to you by CURRENCY HUB By David Farelo*  Click on the video link to watch the short interview with David Farelo, Head of Operations and Trading @ CURRENCY HUB: https://youtu.be/jl9bUvfAOl8. Cryptocurrency-arbitrage made it into the mainstream in 2020 and affords South African investors a unique opportunity to accumulate quick profits of…

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Latest crypto scam steals about R54bn from high profile SA investors

Another massive crypto scam has been uncovered by Darren Hanekom of Hanekom Attorneys. He joined Alec Hogg on the BizNews Power Hour to explain what Africrypt is and how it managed to steal about R54bn from its investors – which includes high-profile South Africans and celebrities. Financial advisor Magnus Heystek also joined in as co-host.…

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SA to regulate crypto trade in phased manner to curb fraud, control cross-border flow

As cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity across the world, financial watchdogs and government’s are seeing the need to regulate the use and trade of various digital currencies. Bloomberg reports that in January, the daily value of crypto-asset trading exceeded R2bn for the first time ever, “suggesting significant appetite in a market that was largely going…